January ’16 Newsletter – Part 1


Welcome Home Snowbirds: Can we believe it’s January 2016 already? TiHelen 1me sure flies when you’re having a good time, doesn’t it! I do hope all you Snowbirds had terrific Summer, Fall and Holiday season up north and are ready for your Villages Winter and Spring seasons here with us… we have missed you! You need to check out the New Katie Belle’s and the New Santiago Club now that you are here…I did–pics below.

Katie Bells

Katie Belle’s

El Santiago

Santiago Club

Obituary: We are also missing our beloved member, Bruce Barlett, who departed to that better place on December 9, 2015 after a valiant struggle with a sudden illness. Bruce left behind his beloved wife, Lynn Bartlett. Let us hold her and Bruce’s family in our hearts and prayers, and give her our deepest sympathy.

A good time was had by all who attended the WI Club Christmas Dinner Dance at Paradise… a fine, fine evening of food and dance and camaraderie was very enjoyable. I even won a pretty Poinsettia to take home!

January Meeting

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our January 18th meeting at Colony CottageScooterand hope you have purchased your tickets ($3.00) for our Scooter the D.J. event. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh Pizza and Dessert while keeping up with his hysterical antics as the best entertainer in The Villages. The Doors will open at 5:00 and I will start the business meeting promptly at 5:30, which won’t give you a lot of time to get settled in your seats, so plan to get to the Rec. Center as early as you can before 5:30… and B.Y.O.B., please! Wear your line dance shoes, too!!
If you have not already purchased your Scooter tickets, contact Hal Baumann, our Treasurer, immediately. Why, you ask? So you won’t be left out, or have to stand in line to purchase the remaining tickets and find them sold out!


At the January meeting, let Hal know you wish to pay your 2016 Membership dues which are due before January 31, 2016! There is usually a line for this purpose before the meeting. If you have not paid them in the months of September thru December, they are due now. We have a list to check if you have forgotten!

Wisconsin Club Cruisers and friends

NOTE: SPECIAL PROMOTION HAS EXPIRED but there is still availability.  CALL BARB SPHAR 352-259-1372 for details.   The November 26th to December 6th, 2016, registration DEADLINE has been extended cruise-ship-clip-artto JANUARY 14, 2016! The special 2-tier cabin upgrade promotion is still offered! Please– Contact member Barb Sphar now at 352-259-1372. P.S. Anybody can go on the cruise, so take your friends along even if they’re not WI club members! Remember, also, the $170.00 Panama Shoreline Tour is included in your fare on this beautiful Italian Ship!


We still have seats left on the Bus and in our Party Room at the Downs on March 12, so Tampa Bay Downsnow is the time to let friends know we have this room so they can come with you to the track dressed in their Derby finest!
Only $57.00 per person, all-inclusive to enjoy this wonderful Saturday at the races. Hal will take your checks or cash for this, also…. so do it now. More info regarding boarding time and place will be sent out soon.
Those of you who did not submit your personal emails when you purchased your tickets will need to email those to Hal, and copy me, a.s.a.p. so you will receive the info.

This Newsletter is only half-complete…. you will receive the last half within the next week….look for it. Info re a Day Trip via Bus & Boat will be highlighted, so stay tuned! Also, more on a Ladies Lunch-Out, too!

Remember… come early on January 18…. stations for all activities will be set up outside the meeting room so you can take care of all of them. If you haven’t picked up tickets or paid your dues at Hal’s home…2003 RidgeSpring Dr. 32162 in Largo, 352-259-6552. Give him a jingle!! Don’t wait in line at the meeting…you might miss the show!

See you at Colony for the EVENT…yes, Scooter is an event!!!

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