MaryKay Childress Bio

I was born and lived in Marinette, Wisconsin until my sophomore year in high school when my family moved to California. I attended and graduated from American River ColleIMG_5358ge in Sacramento and then attended Healed technical college in Sacramento. I graduated with a degree in computer science and a minor in accounting and management.

After graduating from college I worked as a chief administrator/office manager for a Tax and Accounting Corporation in Davis, CA for 10 years.  I met my husband Tom during that time, and we married in Clearwater, FL in 1990.

My husband Tom was in the nuclear power energy industry for over 35 years. The first 10 years I really didn’t understand him, and like they say “if you can’t beat them, join them” so in the late 1900’s I became a nuclear technical consultant. I’ve worked in more than 20 different nuclear power plants over 15 years. As a recruiter, I was able to work out of my home but I traveled extensively from plant to plant. At that time, we had 103 operating nuclear power plants in the United States.

I then decided I needed to pursue a different avenue, so I obtained my real estate license. I’ve had my Florida real estate license for the eight years that I’ve been living here, but I did not actively use my license. This year I took a big leap and started my own property management company exclusive to the villages.

Tom remains in the nuclear industry as a licensing engineer. Hopefully this year he can retire and come to work for my company “At Ease Property Management & Services LLC”.

I’ve been a life-long Packer fan and my family had season tickets in section C9. In fact,Lambeau leap in 1961 my father, working with Vince Lombardi and Bishop Wycislo, was instrumental in founding the Bishops Charity Game, the preseason game where the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay receives a donation from the game proceeds. More than $3.7 million has been donated to the diocese over the past 53 years. Although I have always been an avid Packer fan, my husband Tom was from Falls Church, VA, which surprisingly is not Packer country. I am proud to say he is now a converted and enthusiastic Packer fan, and in fact, we are both Packer stockholders!
Dog award
Tom and I have a daughter, son-in-law and 4 amazing Grand-Dudes in Texas and two 2 awesome Grand-Dudes in Tennessee. We are also the proud parents of our dog, a Keeshond named Bogie. In 2015 Bogie won first place for his breed in the puppy category at the AKC//Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando.

We moved to The Villages, Village of Largo, on Feb. 2, 2007, which was the day of the Easter bunny in cartornado! Although I have been busy building my property management company, I do find time to play the Easter Bunny in The Villages (I was the Easter Bunny at our WI Club meeting this year). We also make Pierogi’s every year at Easter, a polish tradition we’ve brought from Wisconsin (we are making Pierogi’s in the first photo).