President’s Message: May 2015

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The webmaster, Gary Gerke, does not have the answers to your questions…he sends out this email to you for me. I am the composer–he is the communicator (sender)..he sends it out to the entire general membership.

Hello again faithful and fabulous WI Club members!

Did you all have fun at our HoeDown at the last meeting? I sure did–it was a real hoot and what a great bunch of energetic dancers got us all off our feet to dosey-do and allamand the night away! Thank you, Hal Baumann for helping Judy get this group together for our entertainment!

Many of you have taken off for the north already to make sure your tulips are blooming well, but those of us who remain here in this beautiful place year round are going to enjoy ourselves out doors at our upcoming May Club Meeting on the 18th.…yes, make sure your calendars are marked! This will take place at Colony Cottage Rec Center’s covered Pavillion picnic area….and PLEASE will start at 6:00 p.m.NOT 7 p.m.! ( In the event of inclement weather, we will move back into our regular room.) Guests and new members are welcome and encouraged to join our Club. I will hold a brief meeting , which will include a show-of-hands-approval vote on our 2015 Charitable Donations plan, and an opportunity for you all to sign up with Tom Stolt for our Tri-Club Golf outing on September 16. Tom will also publicize this event via emails and the website so that those who do wish to participate can sign up before the August/September deadline. His email is if you need to contact him now with any questions.

After the meeting, we are going to organize teams for Bocce Golf, (please be sure to bring your own putters), Corn Hole Bag Toss, Shuffle Board, etc. At around 7:30, we will break to have our wonderful annual Ice Cream Social, which will be served to us by Ollie’s Frozen Custard, with lots of toppings, including Sugar Free syrup–all for a mere $3.00 per person. Sugar Free Custard will be available, too, as will Coffee, Cookies, and Sugar Free Cookies so all can enjoy the indulgence frenzy, and if it is still light enough, we can then continue gaming afterward! Of course, we must all be sure we clean up the area thoroughly before we all leave! Mmmmmm….my mouth is watering for it already!!

All Badger Alumni heads up! August 27, 2015 will be the date of the annual ‘Show Your Colors’ Tailgate Party in Spanish Springs–if The Villages continues it! Please be sure to

gather your fellow Alums to get together to attend this function. If there is one or two of you who may have a red sun shade canopy and can take it down there and call yourself the coordinator for this function–please have at it. A Bucky statue, Bucky Banners, et al are great to have there! This will not formally be promoted by the club according to a vote at the last board meeting. Remember, you are judged by School Spirit, by how loud you can cheer when asked, etc.! Go for it…..make us all proud!! I will definitely stop by and cheer for a little while!

We have certainly had a wonderful 2014-2015 year together, beginning with the addition of Packers and Badgers game viewing at Cody’s, and the continuance of a very well formed Dining Out program with lots and lots of members participating in it. Exciting entertainment with Trivia Games, Oktoberfest, a super successful Christmas Party, and Petrina, all of which allowed us to surpass our attendance-per-meeting greatly.

Our board members did a heck of a job accomplishing this–but could not have done so without the support of all of you. Thanks, Hal Baumann, Judy Cimbalmik, Jan Collins, and Barb Sphar, and consultant, Mary V. Thanks go out also to Darlyne and Neal Jorgensen for Cookies and Coffee, and to Nancy for taking care of 50/50 so well, and to all the members Mary provided to be our meeting Greeters..they were Jerry and Diana Fitzwater, Dick and Dinah Theis, Gary and Nancy Miller, Jim and Janet McCallum, Barb and Tom Rathke and Ken and Nancy Knuss! Last but not least, thank to Gary Gerke, our loyal Webmaster, who plans on retiring Dec. 31, and will be missed! Nice job, everyone!

Welcome to new board members Jan Kloeffler – Secretary, Joanie Schactner – Membership/Assistant Treasurer, Tom Stolt – Vice President, and returning Treasurer – Hal Baumann! We are ready and looking forward to planning and giving you all another ‘Heck-of- a-Good-Year’

WANTED: A new webmaster to administrate our WI Club Lake Sumter Web Site. Gary is retiring Dec. 31. If you can be the one to take his place, or if you know of someone who can, email Gary with this info. He will acquaint you with what the procedures of his title have been, and will train you…as long as he doesn’t have to start you from the ground up–as in an absolute beginner!

Have a great Summer Season up north, everyone who’s there already, and I’ll see some of you all again in September. Please remember you can snail-mail your 2015-2016 dues in from wherever you are…they are due by January 1, 2016. Mail them to Joanie Schachtner, 1297 Tambourine Terrace, The Villages, FL 32163.