President’s Message: February 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day to all….and look forward to a rousing Mardi Gras Celebration Meeting this month, as it is February, 2015 already!! We certainly had a great WI Trivia meeting in January. Bill and Barb Cammack sure commandeered a fun time for all of us WI intellects, and I received lots of positive comments afterward.


MARDI GRAS: This will be fun…wear fun costumes if you like–masks, feather plumes,– and note we will have beads there for you, and Ric Mitchell–our entertainer–will have lots of lively music to enjoy dancing, and even some Zydeco music!! Who knows, we may even have costume judging, and/or lively dancing contest, and/or whatever else comes into mind for you to compete for. There will be prizes. You all know how crazy Mardi Gras can be!!! Please be sure to bring a substantial snack for a general Club table this time, as this is a Party. Small snacks for your own tables, if you wish. We will have Coffee and Cookies, so I don’t think we will need as many desserts as we had last time! (Keep in mind, there is always a choice of sugar-free cookies at the coffee table each month!)


The Joint WI Clubs Golf Tournament will be in May, and our own Janis Kloeffler, Ray Haas’ new assistant, asked by, and replacing our own Marilyn Butenhof, will be taking sign-ups for it at the February meeting as well. Look for more info here in her article.


Since the meeting, some of us took a Victory Casino Cruise out of Port Canaveral on the 5th. It was a attended by 30 members, however, the Sunshine never showed up! We were not deterred, however, and several of us came home a few bucks ahead…or more than a few! It was a delightful day to share. Thanks, again, to Lynn Bartlett for putting it all together for us.


We are all sold out for our FISH FRY this Monday, February 9, 2015, however, Treasurer Hal Baumann may have a waiting list ready, just in case somebody has canceled. Call him at 259-6559 to check that out. We will enjoy our Fish Fry at Grill 19 in Spruce Creek South, which is north of Walmart, on the West side of 441/27. Happy Hour–2 for 1 drinks–starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m., when we will sit down to a Fried Fish only, French Fries, Coleslaw & Rolls meal. Word is out it is excellent!!


January Dine-Outs exploded with fun in January. If you have not signed up for one, please call Judy Cimbalnik to ask if you can get in to one of the groups. People are making friends left and right through these great nights out together. Mike and I enjoyed one at Chef Napoli on a Friday night and loved it and the camaraderie there in the restaurant and at the home of our host and hostess afterward–we hated to see the evening end!


Elections! We are still looking for candidates to fill the board positions of President and Vice President, and for 2015-2016. Feel free to call me at 787-914-7811, or Sharon

Kuhs, at 262-522-7316, or Dinah Thies at 608-444-9610 to give the name of somebody you’d like to nominate, or to nominate yourself. That way, we can quickly give them a call to get their consent to run for the office. We are running out of time–our complete slate of officer candidates must be announced at the February meeting–before the entertainment starts!! We have a candidate for Secretary, for Membership, and our Treasurer, Hal is staying on the Board for 1 more year. I must say I am very disappointed that this is taking so long to put together, but I feel sure I will hear from some of you before the meeting starts on February 16. Remember, I will be around to help anyone who takes office and needs me to help. C’mon–YOU CAN DO THIS! It is fun!


WI Club Game Night is on Monday, February 23, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Bacall Rec. Center on Canal St. Judy C. has acquired this game room for a full 12 months each year….thanks, Judy. Come with a snack to share, and feel free to bring a game with you of your choice. You can coordinate a table of 4 or 6 people ahead of time to play with if you so choose, also. You can play MahJongg, Triple Play, Hand & Foot, Mexican Train Dominoes, and, of course–Sheepshead!! Mark your calendars each month on the last Monday and join the fun! I am looking for a big crowd there this month…the whole room is ours always!


Have you bought your WI Singers tickets yet? Nooooo? Remember, they will entertain us on Monday, March 30, this year. These are the most energetic, vivacious, and talented dancers, singers and musicians you will ever have the opportunity of viewing…it is a must see event. Two shows at Savannah….but only on one night!! Go purchase those tickets now, and take your discount coupon with you. Don’t have one? I am sure there will be some at the meeting on the 16th, and maybe even at the Fish Fry Monday. The more tickets we sell, the greater the profit we receive for our operating expenses WI Club Bank account. For those of you who already purchased tickets–thank you very much. However, don’t forget to hand out the coupons and encourage friends and family to do the same!


Those of you who still have to pay dues, please be sure to do so at the meeting…still only $5.00 each person. Make checks out to WI Club Lake Sumter.


WANT ANOTHER CRUISE? Another WI Club cruise can be set up if there is one or two of you members willing to chair it. It will include Turks & Caicos Islands, San Juan, etc. Let me know a.s.a.p. so we can get the low fares.


See you at Colony Cottage Rec on the 16th! If you are looking for other info, please find it on our Web site…