June 2019 President’s Message

Happy Summer!

I trust those of you in Florida are enjoying sunshine and warmth. Some of us who are back in Wisconsin wonder if summer will ever come. I’m in Sheboygan until the end of July, less than a half mile from Lake Michigan, and it’s downright chilly. Needless to say, I’m eager to get back to The Villages.

May was another big month for new members. Welcome to Jeanne Durkis, Platteville; Jack & Roxann Martini, Milton; Steven & Linda Schreihart, Madison; and Dixie Ward, Boscobel. I’ll echo MaryKay’s sentiment from her May newsletter: It’s great to see the enthusiasm for our Club, even at the end of our program year!


Important Club News

Lots of news this issue so hold onto your phones and tablets for all that’s happening.

At its June meeting, the Board voted to increase dues for 2020 to $10 per person. Members who paid dues in 2019 can renew this fall beginning at our September 16 meeting. We also encourage any past members who did not renew for 2019 to rejoin for 2020. If someone just wants to rejoin for the remainder of 2019, he or she can pay $5 and be good for the rest of the year. Guest fees will remain at $5. Why the increase? Quality entertainment is costing more, some of our ticketed events are subsidized by the Club, and revenue from the Wisconsin Singers has decreased markedly over recent years. We’ve heard from our members that other clubs they belong to charge for every meeting plus collect dues so this increase is not out of line. Also, we have learned that the On Wisconsin Club is considering a dues increase as well.

The Board also voted to change our meeting time to 6:30 p.m. instead of 7:00 based on member feedback. If a meeting includes food, we will begin at 6:00 p.m. as we have done for the past year.

Finally, the Board voted to donate proceeds from our monthly 50/50 to Stanton/Weirsdale Elementary School. The amount this year will be $745. We hope to have a representative from the school at one of our upcoming meetings.


Welcome our new VP!

We welcome Dayna Aldrich, our new Vice President, who, with our Entertainment Committee, has put together a dynamite schedule of entertainment for the coming year. Dayna lived just south of Lake Superior on Iron Lake for 20 years before moving to Florida. She and her late husband owned and operated a resort and Dayna also operated a court reporting business. The Village of Poinciana has been her home since November where she lives with her two poodles. Dayna says, “I look forward to meeting other folks from Wisconsin and to hearing suggestions you have for the Club. My hope is that our members chip in when needed and we all have fun,” You can contact Dayna at daynaaldrich@gmail.com or 850-723-8556.


Univ. of WI/USF Football Game Update

Dick Thies reports that the UW-USF football game on August 30 in Tampa is SOLD OUT. But there’s still an opportunity to support the Badgers that day. It’s College Color Day at Spanish Springs on the 30th. We will have a booth on the square to support the Badgers. More about that in our next newsletter.


Day Trips

Roxanne Evans is wearing one more hat – Day Trip Coordinator. How about joining fellow Club members for the Titanic Dinner Experience on Friday, November 15, 2019. Tour Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando, have dinner, and experience a re-enactment of that fateful night the Titanic sank. Cost is $94/person. Depart Lake Sumter Landing at 5:00 p.m., arrive back at 11:30 p.m.

Also in Orlando, on Saturday, December 7, 2019, it’s the Singing Christmas Trees – matinee and lunch buffet. The Singing Christmas Trees is an exciting presentation of Christmas classics featuring a huge choir, full orchestra, dance, drama, and a display of 250,000 lights on two 45-foot Christmas trees. Depart Lake Sumter Landing at 10:00 a.m., arrive back around 5:30 p.m. Cost is $96/person.

If you are interested in either of these trips, contact Roxanne at revans1947@hotmail.com or 352-561-6079. We will also have a sign-up sheet at our September meeting.


Wisconsin Club Open Game Night

Join other Club members on the 4th Monday of every month, 6:00 p.m., Bacall Rec Center on Canal Street. It’s open to any card games. BYOB and snacks. Questions? Call Judy Cimbalnik at 262-391-9869.

Sheepshead Card Night

Every Tuesday, 6:00 p.m., Colony Cottage Rec Center. If you are interested, please contact Hal Baumann at hal.baumann2018@gmail.com or 352-259-6552 by Saturday before Tuesday night so he will know if there are enough players for a table. It’s is 25-50-75 table.

If you know what a sheepshead is, e-mail Jeanne Engle at joyfulwoman@yahoo.com. First correct answer gets complimentary dues renewal for 2020.


Thank You!

Our gratitude goes out to all of our Club members who volunteered in many ways this past

year. We couldn’t do it without your help. It takes more than just a Board to make a Club. (It takes some nails, glue, and a good lathe!)

Kudos to Nancy Miller who updates the website and sends out the e-newletter, John Krivitz who brings our flags to each meeting, Marianne Welke who makes sure we have our coffee, Nancy Van Rooys and Lynn Bartlett who sold  the 50/50 tickets, Judy Cimbalnik who coordinated Dining Out and the Monday game nights, Gary Gerke who ran the Colony Downs competition, our new Entertainment Committee of Mary Ann & Jerry Denor, Marilyn Butenhof (who also coordinates the golf outings) Joanie Schachtner, Linda & David Mathias.  And many who helped me at monthly meetings including Don & Sue Broeckert, Donna Rieckhoff, Greg & Eileen Fitting, Brian & Marian Buchholz, Cheryl Milkowski, Gary & Cindy Ramthum, Kathy & Steve McKenzie, Ken & Cathy Vlasek, Bob & Chris Kasprzak, Sue & Chuck Boyer, Noreen Nevrly, and Mark Miller.

A big thank you to our past Board: MaryKay Childress, President; Dick Thies, Secretary, who will continue in that role; Hal Baumann who faithfully served this Club for 5 years as Treasurer; and Roxanne Evans who is continuing as Membership Chairman and will be taking on Treasurer duties as well this year.


June is Dairy Month and here in Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland – we lead the nation in dairy heritage, innovation, and awards. Dairy contributes five times more to Wisconsin’s economy than citrus does to Florida’s. It’s a $43.4 billion annual industry, generating almost half of agriculture’s contribution to our state’s economy. Wisconsin is home to 25% of the nation’s total dairy farms and its cheese makers are responsible for 26% of the nation’s cheese production. With 2.5 billion pounds (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) of cheese production per year, Wisconsin ranks #1 in the nation. No wonder we are called Cheeseheads!

How did the term originate? Its history is not that old. When the Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl, Chicago fans began to taunt their northern neighbors with the nickname “Cheesehead.” Affable Wisconsinites embraced the term, taking it from insulting to endearing. In 1987 a man named Ralph Bruno showed up to a Milwaukee Brewers game wearing a cheese-shaped hat made out of foam from his mother’s couch. Fittingly, the Brewers were playing the Chicago White Sox that day. Bruno’s factory has since expanded to include other cheese-shaped goods. His foam creations have been delivered to all 50 states as well as to 30 countries.

UW-Madison has played a big part in the development of Wisconsin’s dairy industry through its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Dairy Barn on the west side of campus, the first barn to achieve National Landmark status, was the site of numerous research projects and teaching demonstrations intended to support Wisconsin dairy farmers between 1898 and 1954. Staff at the University applied scientific research and methodologies to practical problems of dairy farmers, leading to many discoveries that were applicable to other fields.

So raise a glass – of milk, our state’s official drink – and celebrate Dairy Month.

And remember – when you’ve said Wisconsin, you’ve said it all!


Jeanne Engle
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