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Our March 20, 2017, 7 PM club meeting will be a throwback game night. You can still play sheepshead or other card games, but we will have monopoly boards, connect four, Rockham sock them robots and other Hasbro game we have in our arsenal of grandkids games.

Rummy royal, checkers, old maid, go fish—of course adding pinochle, bridge, and if you have others you prefer, bring them along. Card tables of four, rectangles of 8, just playing games and socializing. Fun question and answer roundtable, spontaneous audience participation. Open mic. We promise no Twister and No Dodgeball; we want to have fun but respect our knees and hips. You may enjoy this so much you will want to participate in the monthly game nights at Bacall. At the end of the night, a special door prize will be given.

Attending members with last name starting A-H, please bring a dessert(sugar-free options are always appreciated); I thru P, please bring a non-sweet or salty snack or appetizer like cheese crackers, chips and dip, cocktail meats, or salad Q thru Z please bring fresh fruit or veggie type snack or appetizer;. Plates, napkins etc. will be provided.

WISCONSIN SINGERS – Wednesday, March 22, Savannah Center

The WISCONSIN SINGERS will perform again in the Villages on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, with performances at 5 and 8 PM at the Savannah Center. Tickets are $20 for residents ($18 if you have a Wisconsin Club discount coupon) and are on sale at the Villages box offices or on-line (discount coupons must be presented in person at a box office).

Now in their 49th year as a performing group, the 20 plus singers/dancers and musicians, and an equal number of technical support staff, have been giving Villager’s high energy performances for over 10 straight years. While representing the UW-Madison Division of Student life, they do not get UW funding. They depend on concerts like ours and charitable donations to do what they truly enjoy; entertaining others. Any profits from the village’s performance are split between the three Wisconsin Clubs.

If you will be here in March, don’t miss this opportunity to hear some great UW students in person at the Savannah Center. Dinah and I will be there with friends for the 8 PM performance. About 50% of the tickets have been sold as of our last meeting.

Extra discount coupons are available by contacting me (608-444-9610 or rhthies41@gmail.com). Any remaining coupons will be made available at the March meeting.

April 17th Meeting – Wisconsin Author Michael Edmonds

Wisconsin Author Michael Edmonds, (Out of The Northwoods: The Many Lives of Paul Bunyan), will be our featured speaker at the April 17th club meeting at 7 PM. Michael is a staff member of the Wisconsin Historical Society.  

Towns in Minnesota, Michigan, Maine and even California lay claim to Paul Bunyan.  Well, California doesn’t claim his birth, only his hometown after he went to work for the Red River Lumber Company. But these claims are just tall tales. Michael Edmonds, Director of Programs and Outreach at the Wisconsin Historical Society, will show that Wisconsin was the origin of Paul Bunyan. Michael will discuss his book, Out of the Northwoods: The Many Lives of Paul Bunyan, with an engaging pictorial presentation at our April 17 meeting. You will learn how the Bunyan folk tales originated, how the big man himself morphed over the years and came to be known to young and old alike, and why we Wisconsinites can claim him. 


This is a free event.

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